Saturday, December 12, 2020

Fishing with flippers

Well today was fun.  This is going to be a meandering post, it starts with a fishing trip.  But it does have sports card content in it, and I will add some pics from my collection to keep it tied to cards.

My 13 year old son recently decided he wanted to learn to fish, so he and I have been learning together.  This morning, we went out to a lake near our home to fish.

Not for Salmon:

Or catfish (I can't believe this is the only Catfish Hunter in my collection!):

We were going for trout:

Unfortunately, for the first time since we have been doing this fishing thing, we got shut out.  A couple of bites, but no fish even made the surface.  We are poor fishermen.  Maybe we will get better.  I hope so!!

But while we were out on the calm water, where voices carry very well, I heard a couple of guys fishing from the shore talking about Rickey Henderson autographs!  

Sometimes I could hear them clearly, sometimes less so, but since the fish weren't keeping us busy, I got to eavesdrop quite a bit.  They quickly turned to their plan to create custom packs that would have mostly junk cards, but one out of the bunch would have a valuable card, like a Mike Trout RC.  Then they would try to sell all the packs on a youtube channel and whoever lucked out and got the Trout pack would be happy, and they would be rich.  They had other schemes too.  Strange stuff.  They talked about all the different refractors and the phrase 'double our money' was thrown about a fair bit.  To each their own I guess, not really my scene.  

<end sports card related part of the post, back to the rest of the fishing story>

Anyway, the night before, my brother had asked me to send him pictures of our catch.  Since we didn't have a catch to photograph, I figured I'd photograph my son in our kayak and send that instead.  Big mistake when you are a clumsy human like myself.  I got out of the kayak on the dock still quite a ways from shore and fumbled my phone out of my pocket....

and promptly dropped it into 15 feet of murky water!!

After doing my best to keep my language clean for a bit, we tried using a makeshift combination of a paddle with our fishing net tied to the end to reach down and try to scoop it up.  But the water was too murky to see, and we gave up after about 10 minutes.  I guess this could have been me, but it was pretty cold, 36 degrees to be precise!

Wasn't fun telling my wife I need a new phone, and the rest of the day was spent on that effort.  But hey, I got a post out of it.  I guess.

Anyone ever dropped something fishing?  Or something similarly stupid?


  1. I went fishing a total of three times, never caught anything (thankfully), but did enjoy the overall experiences. And I don't have any kids, but going fishing with them has always seemed like it would be a good way to bond, so good on you for encouraging, and partaking in, your son's new found interest.

  2. Yep, good on ya for embracing the fishing. Bummer about the phone!

  3. I'm not really into fishing, but I'll usually go out with my buddy at least once or twice a year on his boat. Although... I just go for the ride and relaxation of being out on the water.

    A while back... I was really into buying mystery packs on YouTube. Guys would put together packs that guaranteed a few hits (mostly junk) with one or two big hits. If the big hit was something I wanted, I'd buy all of the packs to guarantee me pulling the one or two cards I really wanted. The rest... I'd use as trade bait or prizes when I held contests on my blog.

  4. I havent fished in years. Used to enjoy it growing up but not as an adult oddly