Thursday, July 29, 2021

Five from Rolen

 It's been quite a while since I did a "5 From" post. I know, they are cheesy, but they are easy too, and I needed a nice easy post to write.  Here are my previous "5 From" posts if anyone wants to look back:

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Today, we look at the five favorite Scott Rolen cards in my collection. Rolen fits into my love of defensive studs, and his hustle and grit were awesome too.  I have very few of his cooler cards, but am always looking for more!

The top 5!

#5 - 1997 Bowman Chrome - Scout's Honor Roll - Refractor

These can be found pretty cheap, but I really love 90s refractors, and this one shines nicely in hand!  Not so much in the scan.

#4 - 1997 EX 2000 - Star Date 2000
What a great card!!  Everyone knows I love colorful and gaudy.  This is right in the wheelhouse!  And you can see that he has already been on base earlier in the game by the dirt on his leg...

#3 - 2007 Upper Deck Artifacts - MLB Apparel /199
Just a solid, simple relic card.  It looks nice.  It has a ding in the upper corner, but that reminds me of how Rolen played the game, so its OK.

#2 - 1998 Ultra
OK, it's not often a base card makes it in to these 5 card posts, but this one is awesome!!  He must have slid into all 4 bases to get this dirty!

#1 - 1995 Bowman RC
Yeah, the hard to find RC claims the top spot.  Not a big surprise, probably, but I am very glad to have this card in my collection!

Thanks for reading...

Any players anyone wants to nominate for future "5 From" posts???


  1. Nice cards! I enjoyed following Rolen’s career and had a pc going for a bit as well.

    As for next, how about a pitcher. Maddux or Pedro?

  2. Digging these from the 90's.

    Ken Griffey Jr...

  3. 90's refractors are awesome and I'm surprised at how affordable those 97BC Scout's Honor Roll Refractors are. I just grabbed a Vladimir for a little over two bucks. I'm gonna have to track down a Rolen to keep him company. That StarDate 2000 is a great looking set too.

    I always enjoying seeing other collectors favorite Gwynn cards.

  4. That Bowman RC is really nice but I love the Stardate insert!

  5. I don't think I've ever seen a player that dirty on a card before!