Thursday, February 10, 2022

Recent pickups

***Card draft news - I have received 5 of the 7 expected PWEs so far.  So we are getting close!  There have been a couple of weather related issues getting some of the cards here, so we are not quite ready, but hopefully soon.  Drafters - I will be sending out an email soon to try and coordinate the draft! 

On to today's post...

I wanted to show some cards that have come my way from various sources recently.  Most are keepers, but for a few of them, I will mention that they would be available for trade.

First, some basketball before the baseball.

On the top row, we have interesting cards of a couple of guys who are having really good years.  This was my first Devin Booker card, and like most players, I wish I had a RC of his.  But by the time I start wanting his RC, they are far out of my price range.  Oh well.

The second row Features a couple of cards of one of my favorites, despite his atrocious off the court behavior, Shawn Kemp!  The Board Members card looks better in hand than in the scan.  The Fleer RC is my 32nd copy of that card.  Keep em coming!!

Next up, the first card I am willing to trade.
Zion Williamson 2019-20 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Pink Pulsar Prizm.  One guy on COMC has this up for $581, but there are 17 other copies for much more reasonable amounts, starting at $17.  I know Williamson isn't as hot as he once was, but if interested in a trade, hit me up!

On to baseball!

These guys are all up as fun cards, but really more as trade conversation starters. Either they don't quite fit my collection, or they are dupes. Nothing big here, but little PWE trades are pretty fun!  Bigger trades could easily be built around these too.

The Gwynn and Verlander are photo variations.

More!  Mostly keepers...

The Smoltz is a refractor.  I want any refractor of a star player from 2010 on back.
The middle row is super busy, visually!  The Piazza insert is dufexed and very cool.  The Trout is a prizm.
The bottom row is the 'cool photo' row.  6'10" Randy Jonson laying out is awesome.  Gehrig 'hovering' a baseball.  And the Mookie gettin sloshed is a semi-rare Photo Variation.  Also the Betts is the one card from this scan that is up for trade!  I'd love to turn that into some older refractors of stars, or a decent RC of someone.  Or whatever!

1. Bogaerts RC!  Another example of a guy I didn't get a RC of until the prices went up.  At least he's not in the stratosphere yet, so I got it pretty cheap.
2. The Aaron is a SP from 2018 Gallery.  Love Henry!
3. Crazy looking Prizm of Soto.  Checks my boxes.
4. Jeter stackin Oreos.  What have baseball cards come to??  What a card, glad to have it!!
5. The infamous Jeter with Bush and Mantle photoshopped in.  Back to back weirdo Jeter cards.
6. My 2nd copy of the Gwynn photo variation.  This one I am keeping.
#s 7, 8 and 9.  Got me some Papis!!  I don't have many, but these were cool additions for me.  An old Finest Twins card, a wonderful quad patch (with a Griffey pinstripe) and a solid looking recent refractor.  Congrats on the Hall, Papi.

Well, that's it.  Hope there was something interesting in here for you, and if interested in any of the tradeable cards, hit me up! 


  1. That's really an unfortunate placement of the baseball in that Gehrig card and the Oreo Jeter is a really fun card.

  2. Nice Jeter/Mantle/Bush! Also like the Oreos Jeter.

    BTW, read a funny joke about Bush recently. It mocks him, of course, but whatever. Not like I'm a big fan of him.

    " During a security briefing at the White House, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield breaks some tragic news: "Mr. President, three Brazilian soldiers were killed yesterday while supporting U.S troops."

    "My God!" shrieks President George W. Bush, and he buries his head in his hands. He remains stunned and silent for a full minute. Eventually, he looks up, takes a deep breath, and asks Rumsfield: "How many is a brazillion?" "

    It's from a good book, "The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets", by Simon Singh.

  3. That Oreo Jeter is fantastic! I have a couple of the Griffeys from that set, but that Jeets blows 'em all out of the water. (Also, if that Verlander SP still needs a home, I'd be interested in it!)

  4. I hate to admit that anything with Barry Bonds on it is neat, but that Metal card does look pretty cool.