Friday, February 25, 2022

Card Draft recap

Well, the first Diamond King PWE Card Draft played out Wednesday without much in the way of issues.  Here's a recap!

-7 of the 8 drafters were able to make most or all of the live draft.  I think that's pretty good considering how chaotic most of our lives are these days!

-All of the drafters submitted pick lists in the order they wanted to draft.  Awesome!!  They helped a lot, I think.  Even though they didn't necessarily get used all the time, as people were able to make their picks quickly, a few times we were able to go to the sheets when someone was away for a few minutes. 

-People's lists worked well!  This might seem like the same as above, but it's different.  The lists I received contained anywhere from 25 to all 72 picks.  I was worries that people who only gave me 25 or 30 cards to draft might end up with all their picks taken before we were done drafting.  Not the case!!  Everyone's pick lists still had unpicked cards on them by the end.

-The whole draft, 72 total picks took about 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Not bad for a comment based draft!  And I got 105 comments on that post, the most ever!!

-How it was for me running this thing - Fast and Furious!  I was monitoring the comments for the next pick.  When a pick was made, I needed to do three things: 1. Mark the card as picked on the blog page by striking through the cards text. 2. enter the pick in the running list of picks so I knew who to send the card to.  3. Mark the card as picked on each drafters pick sheet that they sent me.  So they were up to date in case I needed to make a pick for them.     That all kept me really hopping!!! By the end of the draft I was pretty fatigued.  While I really appreciated the quickness that the drafters picked, it wore me out!

-Here are the cards that didn't get drafted (I had added 18 extra cards to the draft to add variety and make sure there were enough that people wanted to pick.

OK, now the bad news.  I have had an incredibly tough work week, and looks like I will be working all weekend.  So the cards have not been mailed out yet.  I apologize!  I hope to get them out no later than Monday.

I would really like to solicit any and all feedback or thoughts.  Drafters, feel free to email me if you have thoughts that you don't necessarily want to share with the world.  Or of course, comments on this post are cool too.  Not just from drafters, any thoughts are welcome!

One thought I had, what about doing this in a Zoom draft?  Real live, not just live via comments.  Nobody would have to show their faces, but we could use it for audio.  Might allow for a little good natured ribbing when someone picks a card of a steroid user!

Anyway, I think it was good. Anyone up for another?  If so, I would probably give first crack to people who didn't make it into the first one.  If there is enough interest, I might do this several times, who knows.


  1. I'm up for another. Same format as this one.

    If I learned anything from the draft, it's that I don't view cards the same way other bloggers do. My ranked list was relatively short, but a lot of the cards I didn't like were worth it for other people. So I can't really complain.

    Anyway, I wrote my own recap and scheduled it for tomorrow.

    1. I also was surprised to see the cards other people were picking, but it helped for me.

      I'd do another one.

    2. And I might be interested in a Zoom draft too.

  2. I think a zoom pick could be fun. This worked too though. Thanks for hosting.

  3. I'm definitely up for another one. That was my first ever card draft and I loved it. I got 6 of the top 9 cards I wanted (I revised my list a bit during the draft). A Zoom draft sounds intriguing. Speaking for myself, there's no hurry sending the cards--take your time.

  4. I'd be up for getting in on this if you host another one!

  5. I've enjoyed every snake card draft I've participated in, it's the best way to do it. I wasn't able to participate and still had fun!

  6. Sounds like you guys had a blast. I just saw everyone's picks. I think my first pick went in the 3rd round, which supports Elliptical Man's comment that my picks wouldn't necessarily line up with others.

    If you ran one of these this summer, I'd definitely join that one.

  7. Looks like a fun time. I would be interesting in participating if another iteration was held in the future.

  8. I would be interested in a future draft.