Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Odd Couple - Cardinals and Mariners (mostly)

 I know you guys are probably sick of all my "look what I found" posts, but here's another one...

The title of the post is "Odd Couple", and this first card lives up to the billing!

That's Jay and his son, who according to the back of the card, walked into the photo shoot to say goodnight, and got wrangled into being on his first baseball card!  Very cool card.  It's in kind of beat up shape, all four corners are dinged.  I'll find a better copy someday.  I found this one while looking through a box of cards I found in the garage.  Not a lot in there that was any good, except this and the next card.

But what I really meant by "Odd Couple" was that this post seems to be quite heavy on Mariners and Cardinals.  Not a lot in common between those two clubs.  Different leagues, different geographic areas, one an expansion team, the other more tenured.  But two of my favorite teams nonetheless.  See if you can spot the 2 cards from other teams in this post!  However, I am not sure that any Mariners or Cardinals fans really read my blog, so this may go poorly!

Anyway, the second card I found in the garage box was this:
It is a 1999 Pacific - Gold Crown Die-Cuts.  Kind of unassuming card, but it turns out it's worth a few bucks!  Nice to find in a garage box.

And speaking of Griffey, I recently came across these 5 old Griffeys in a dime box.

These 1991 Star 'Diamond' cards say there were 2000 printed sets, so pretty limited for back then.  Not rare or valuable, but fun. The shiny blue one is a 1991 Playball U.S.A., numbered /15000.  And the Star card in the lower right is from 1989.  Rookie year!  Any Griffey RC is a card I would like.

And to finish up the Mariners, how about this awesome Ichiro 2012 Finest refractor!!!!  Now this is the kind of card I don't get a chance at very often with my budget!  Didn't scan awesome, but I love it!

Intermission for non-Mariners and Non-Cardinals!!  Here are two more recent dime box finds:
I love to see the proof that Gwynn still had some hops even late in his career when he was carrying around a few extra pounds.  What an athlete!  And the Gonzalez is awesome, I need more from that funky set.

Back to our regularly scheduled teams, here are some Cardinals!! First up, my first Jack Flaherty RC, a nice Chrome.  Wouldn't mind a couple more, especially if he comes back and plays well.  Maybe a refractor would be nice.

And now, three VERY different cards. 

I found that weird Pujols #d /49 in a fifty cent box.  The other two were in quarter boxes. Good deals! 

Here is the back of the Pujols, it is a 2016 Donruss Test Proof Cyan.  Kind of like a printing plate, as there are Test Proof Black and Test Proof Magenta and so on.  Here is a scan of the back of the card.

M's and C's!!  Now let's get those players back on the field, am I right??


  1. The Griffey cards are neat, I've never seen the Pacific Crown Die-cut before. I really like the Gwynn Stadium card and the Goldschmidt. And I just got the Flaherty Chrome RC not too long ago. Had to give up a decent haul in trade for that and Sandy Alcantara.

  2. Nothing wrong with "look what I found" posts.

  3. Some very cool finds. Those Pinnacle Epix inserts were so darn confusing with the differnt colors and levels... but I'd get excited every time I pulled one.

  4. I've never seen that Buhner before... that alone made this post worth you doing!