Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Vintage swap

 **Draft update:  All the cards have arrived!  I am busy taking pics and setting up the Draft Post.  An email will go out to the drafters soon with some details.  See you all Sunday!

Bo over at Baseball Cards Come to Life recently inquired about some beat up vintage I had, and here is what he sent me back for it!!

Loads of fan favorites, and some of these are high numbers as well!

And here are some even bigger names!  There are a lot of pitchers batting on cards nowadays (though less now with universal DH!), but not so many back in the 70's.  This Kaat is cool.

Super cool Robinson and Torre.  Robinson was one of the most respectable and underrated greats.  Love him as an Indian, so incongruous.    The pic of Torre is simple, but he looks formidable.

If you don't love Mossi and Boog, you stink.  Strong statement, but I stand by it!
And Bo threw in a nice Frank Thomas RC to add to my collection of cards I will take every copy of.

Thanks a ton Bo!!  Vintage is always welcome at DK!


  1. Great stuff, I know I have a lot of these! But that Boog is something I should get.

  2. I do not love Boog. I was at the Orioles Spring Training site a few years ago and saw him. He flat out lied when I asked for an autograph, and said he was Boog Jr and his dad was at the restaurant they ran. Despite being suspicious, we went there anyway only to be told by the real Boog Jr. we just missed him. It's a funny antedote, I don't hate him, but love is too strong. I like Boog. ;)

  3. I keep seeing that Frank Robinson on the blogs. I really need to get a copy of my own one of these days.

  4. Bo hooked you up with a nice stack of vintage. Can't say I was the biggest fans of Mossi and Powell (they played a little before my time), but I do love their cards.

  5. Glad you like them! Thanks again for the trade!