Sunday, March 6, 2022

Card Draft 2 - sign up post

Full up!  All spots have been filled!! 

Here are our drafters:

1. Nick

2. Mike

3. Chris

4. gcrl

5. Crocodile

6. madding

7. Laurens

8. The Diamond King

This post will be the official sign up post.  Please read the plan and rules below carefully and if interested, sign up in the comments!  **For the moment, those who were in the first draft should not sign up for this second draft.  If it goes a couple of days, I may open it up to last times drafters.

The Plan:
There will be a total of 8 drafters in this second draft. 8 including me, of course!  And that means I am looking for 7 more.

Draft day will be Sunday March 20th at 4EST/1PST.  I am trying a weekend this time.  If you know you can't make that, I would ask that you not sign up.  If you think you can, go for it.  If something happens so that you can't make it after the fact, that's OK, I will just need a drafting list.

In order to make this as simple and easy as possible, I want to ask drafters to send cards in for the draft that YOU think would be interesting to other collectors in some way.  That does not mean that they need to be "valuable"!  Also, the newer the card, the better condition they should be in.  If you send a recent card, it should be more or less NM/MT, older cards could be in worse shape the older they are.

The idea here is to have fun.  Expectations that you are going to come out of this with a treasure trove are unrealistic.  That said, send the kinds of cards you would be glad to receive and that are appropriate for a PWE.  Nobody should send Jeter RCs or 1/1 cards.  Conversely, nobody should send a bunch of commons of lesser known players.  As Baseball seems most popular (even with the lockout), I would like to ask that at least 7 of the 9 cards you will send be baseball.

I am planning on adding ~15-20 of my own cards (baseball only for these extras!) to the draft pool (including the 9 I put in as a drafter).  This is basically insurance that if a drafter shorts the rest of the group (like someone sending in all 87 Topps commons), that there are still enough draftable cards.  Honestly, I don't think that will be a problem, but I still plan on that to make everyone comfortable.  Remember, all you are "risking" is 9 cards you aren't emotionally tied to and a stamp.

**note:  Nobody will know which submissions came from which participant.  

The Rules:
1. Sign up in the comments below.  I will need a way to contact you, so if your email is not in your blogger profile, or we have not corresponded before, please email me after commenting.  The first 7 to sign up in the comments will be contacted.  You are not in until I contact you!!!

2. When I contact you, I will send you my mailing address, and at that point, you can send me your 9 card submission. This should be done in a PWE to keep costs down. I will be sending out everyone's selected cards in PWEs as well.

3. If I don't receive your cards by March 19th, you will be dropped and we will draft with fewer players.  I plan on posting all the cards for review on the 19th.  Please try to be prompt and get the cards to me fairly quickly, earlier is always better!

4. Once I have all the cards, I will make a post with the randomized draft order, like I said, I plan on doing this the 19th.  This will be a snake order draft, meaning the last picker of a round will be the first picker of the next round.

If interested, go for it!!!!!


  1. I'm in! I'll email you now. Might be a crapshoot as to whether I can be here for the live draft or not, but I'll definitely submit a list at the very least.

  2. I would definitely like to participate if there is space and will send an email now.

    Is there a specific method that folks use to send nine cards via PWE? Sorry if this is an obvious question, as I have only used PWE to send a couple cards at a time and bubble mailers for anything larger, so any help would be greatly appreciated if methods exist of which I am not aware.

  3. I'm in, and I expect to be available for the draft. I think you have my email from the Big Fun Game you did a while back.

  4. I am interested in this. Thanks.

  5. Might have to attend just to heckle.

  6. I am busy that day so I will check out the results! Maybe next time...thanks for doing this!

  7. Darn I missed this again. Hoping third time is the charm.