Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Back to the shows - Stained Glass edition

 So I went to another card show recently.  I know, I have been showing soooo many card show pics lately, right?  But those were all from a few shows over the last few months, this one was very recent.

I left this show with the fewest total cards purchased, well at any card show ever!  I walked out with only 24 cards, which is crazy for a guy who spends a lot of time at cheapie boxes pulling card after card out.

Anyway, blah blah, here are 4 cards I bought, then some fun with stained glass, and at the end a card I did not buy.

Here we have a holiday variation (candy striped arm) of Acuna - $.25.  And a refractor version of the 2023 Topps Pristine Rollie Fingers, also $.25.  The Rodgers is from the 2013 Panini Elite - Portraits insert set.  I love cards like that where the pic is created by tiny cutouts in the card - $.50.  And lastly, my first Home Field Advantage card!!  These guys are somewhat rare, so I was happy to land this Perez for $1.  Yeah, he's not the biggest star out there, but I do like him.  Happy with the deal!

I have always loved stained glass cards.  I have a few, and will generally pick them up whenever I can find them at cheap prices.  Which is NOT OFTEN!!  Here are a few that I have in my collection:

I also have the Mike Trout from the 2013 set, which is quite a nice card.  By the way, if you have any of these kinds of cards for trade, let me know.

OK, the last card...  I was watching a friend pick out a stack from a box that did not have price tags, but was obviously more expensive stuff.  When I saw he had pulled this card, I expressed my jealousy, maybe a little too exuberantly.  But I like the card, and I had actually not seen this set before:

Well about a half hour later, my friend walked up and handed me the card for free!  He had gotten a good discount for buying a large stack, and is just a really nice guy.  Pretty awesome!  

And when I got home and looked for details about the set, I was even more blown away.  These are kind of tough pulls!  The print run is only 25 (no serial number though).  Sure, I might want other players on the checklist more (McGwire comes to mind...) but this is an awesome card that hits my love of stained glass cards and my love of tough pulls all in one!


  1. Very cool cards! I need to track down one of those Pedros...

  2. Those stained glass cards are cool. I don't see those in wild.

  3. It's awesome to find that Acuna for a quarter. And those stained glass cards are sweet - as yet I have not gotten my hands on one yet.

  4. I'm still looking for one of those Stained Glass inserts. I have a couple from the Archives insert reboot a few years back, but none of the originals.

  5. Not a big football card guy but I do like that Rodgers

  6. Big fan of any stained glass cards made from acetate. Years ago... I picked up complete sets of the 1999 (baseball) and 2000 (baseball & football) Gallery of Heroes insert sets. Really wish I would have picked up the 1997 and 1998 sets too.

  7. You're gonna owe your friend quite the return.

  8. Those Gallery cards are real nice!