Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Quick show scans - Last Scan!

 Scan 17 - $???

OK, so I cant' actually remember how much these cost, I just know they were all in 50 cent boxes or cheaper.  None of these actually made it to my keeper boxes, but I had the scan, so what the heck.

The Ryan is a 2020 Topps X Super 70s - On Demand Ultimate Uniforms.  Whatever that is, but it is a cool looking card.

Most of the rest are serial numbered, including: Marichal /299, Blyleven 149, Lux 999, Jones /999, Aparicio /100 and Ashburn /199

And I am out of old show scans!  It's been nice posting every day.  I definitely won't keep that up, but I do have some things on the horizon, hopefully I won't go dark.


  1. It's cool that Topps chose to honor such underrated stars as Aparicio and Ashburn, and it's nice to fnd them for under 50 cents.

  2. That Blyleven is one of the nicer Donruss/Panini inserts I've seen in a while.

  3. Thanks for the scans of your card show treasures. I enjoyed every post. This post was great with all the Hall of Famers. I like the Ryan and Ripken cards. Look forward to more posts from you.

  4. I'm not the biggest Panini Donruss fan... but that Locked & Loaded insert is cool. I really like the photo they used of Chipper.