Monday, September 11, 2023

Quick show scans - Scan 3

  I'm posting one scan of cards per day, of cards I got at some recent card shows until I run out of scans.  Quick posts!

Scan 3 - $4.50:

These guys were in a .50 cent box, which is usually over my limits, but I feel pretty good about them.  The most surprising to me was the Acuna serial numbered /99.


  1. Sweet Ohtani, love that Wizard, the Kershaw, Beltre. (I need that Acuna), blue parallel and Pinky too boot. Absolute great picks!

  2. Wow, the Acuna in a 50c box? Amazing! The wizard is quite interesting, and I always love seeing Ohtani cards (particularly when he is pitching).

  3. The Wizard card is kind of fun, at least by Panini's standards.