Saturday, September 9, 2023

Quick show scans - Scan 1

 I have had a ton of trouble posting lately, so I am going to knock out a bunch of small, quick posts until I run out of scans...

I'm going to post one scan per post, of cards I got at some recent card shows, until I run out of scans.  Right now, I have 12 scans, but I am going to more shows, so that number will grow.

Scan 1 - 30 cents:

I grabbed these three Ellys from a dime box around the time he got called up and hit the league with a bang.  Since he doesn't have any RCs, these are pretty good for now, especially for base cards.  I would be willing to trade any of them except the chrome on the right.


  1. Yes sir, I did the same thing. I grabbed up about a dozen of those cards in a dime box too. Over in Ormond, Elly has ties to the area.

  2. Welcome back! I was hoping all was going good for you. Great looking Elly cards! I have not caught onto the Elly craze yet.

  3. Nice! I grabbed Elly in fantasy when he came up and was able to trade him for Nate Lowe and Bryan Reynolds. As of yet I don't have any of his cards but I'm glad you were able to find three of them in a dime box!