Friday, September 22, 2023

Quick show scans - Scan 13

 Scan 13 - $1.50

Yep, six quarters here.  

On the top row are variations, Schmidt and Ozzie are 2022 'Greats Variations'  SP's for quarters, very cool.  The Ruth is not a variation, but is from 2011 Topps Archives.  Nice card.

The Vladdy Sr confuses me.  As far as I can tell from research, it should be serial numbered /299.  But nope, no serial.  Don't know if it got left off inadvertently, or if I am just missing something.

The Bichette's were new to me.  They are from the "Topps X Pete Alonso" set.  I guess it was a online thing?  3000 sets made.  Very weird.  But I do like Bo Bichette RCs, so...

I'm happy to trade any on the top row if anyone is interested.  Probably the Vladdy too.  Hit me up.


  1. Nice Bichettes! I'd grab those for a quarter any day.

  2. I like the two Bo Bichette cards. I am slowly collecting cards of him.

  3. Legend variations for a quarter? Heck of a steal!

  4. If I were going through boxes, I wouldn't have even realized that those cards were variations.

  5. I need you to find boxes for me like this. YOu probably left all of the NY Giants behind lol

  6. Topps did a good job with that Ruth Archives card. It's my favorite card of the bunch.