Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Quick show scans - Scan 5

 I'm posting one scan of cards per day, of cards I got at some recent card shows until I run out of scans.  Quick posts!

Scan 5 - $1.35

The top 2 rows were dimes, the last row was quarters.  Love, love the old gold refractors.  I can't believe I didn't have a Vince Coleman RC.  The Delgado is #d /35.  And the rest are just cool!


  1. What on Earth is going on with that Randy Johnson photo? Did the bat slip out of his hands? LOL!

    1. It looks like he tried to throw the bat at the ball.

  2. Still looking for my first SN of Delgado. One /35 for a dime? Unreal!

  3. That Carlos Perez has always been an odd shot, but you can deny the gold-ness!

  4. Great looking cards! I am not a Blue Jays fan but I have been trying to find cards that celebrate the Joe Carter walk off. I will keep an eye out for the one in your scan.

  5. That's such a wonderful shot on Randy's card.