Monday, September 25, 2023

Leaf is the dumbest-est

Another quick break from my endless card show scan posts.

All card companies do dumb things.  Irritating things.  Obnoxious things.  Leaf is the worst.  Here is proof:

This is, at least as far as I can tell by the name of the player on the card, a Tim Duncan card.  Tim's picture does not appear on the front of the card.  I am not as knowledgeable about basketball, but I do know that Jazz player pictured is not Tim Duncan.  

Tim Duncan is also not on the back of the card:

I get that this is a ticket card, and tickets don't have all the players in the game pictured on the card.  But it still seems like a really lazy and uninspired card (or complete set of cards!) to make.

A case could be made for a lot of other card companies, bit right now, I feel like I can go on the record saying that Leaf is the worst.

If this sounds like I'm mad about this, I really am not.  I would never go purchase these things, I got this one for free.  I am actually pretty amused by it.  But Leaf is still the worst today!


  1. They could have at least picked a Spurs home game ticket to cut up and include the date of the game in the description.

  2. 2008 Upper Deck Documentary. A 5000 card baseball set where the picture on the front did not match the description on the back

  3. They really should have done better than that.