Friday, April 26, 2024

Oversized cards and big numbers

 **I have noted that all of my posts that feature Mark McGwire receive significantly fewer views and comments.   Lol!!  And yet I persist....  some people never learn.

I have been slowly building a stack of McGwires to check against my Haves List over the last couple of months.  For some reason, I never seem to take the time to go through and do the work.  But a couple of nice freebies from Rod (Padrographs) spurred me to get it done!

First, what Rod gave me....

BIG Big Macs!  I threw in the random Metal normal sized card for comparison.

And Rod gave me these at a card show, no less. I have been enjoying seeing a few bloggers in person lately.  Hopefully that keeps up!  Very generous of you Rod, thanks!!!

Now the updated McGwire collection stats...

From the stack on my desk, I found 14 new McGwires!!  My grand total is now 1403 (1394 'actual' cards, and 9 great customs from various bloggers).


  1. A. I've found myself in the same situation with some Tony Gwynns I've recently acquired. I've been looking forward to crossing that off my list of card related things to do

    B. It's nice that you PNW bloggers get together and exchange cards. Hope to be a guest blogger one of these days.

    C. The oversized cards are pretty cool... but that 90's Fleer Metal card definitely is the prettiest.

  2. Anytime I post any football cards, views are bad. So I try not to make it obvious in my titles lol. Sometimes that works.

    I always forget you collect mcgwire!

  3. That Fleer Metal Mac is fantastic!

    You think McGwire posts aren't popular? Try writing an NHL post lol.

  4. Dang! Those are some big McGwires!