Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Brad From Brads Blog recently offered to start me off on the right foot with my Steroids Project!  Here are 2 Clemens and a McGwire!
And the main reason for the package, this b-e-a-utiful Raffy Palmiero bat card!  It is numbered /50 and while it looks good in the scan, it looks even better in person.  Thanks a ton Brad!  This is Palmeiro Relic #1 in the project.
In the spirit of cheating (though not steroids) Brad included several cards from the recent Pete Rose set.  I had not received any of these before and I think I like them.  They have some good photography, less traditional baseball card photography, but nice.  Here are a few.
And lastly, he threw in some vintage and a couple of 72 minis.  Great package Brad, and my revenge will be in the mail soon!


Brad's Blog said...

Glad you like the cards! The McGwire I thought was fitting because it commemorates the 62nd home run!

Fuji said...

Great bat card. I still can't get used to seeing Palmeiro in an Orioles uniform... even though he played so many years there.

Brendan Taylor said...

They made topps 72 versions with todays players on it? I got to get me those. Love the blog btw I'm folllowing check my blog out http://thediamondking.blogspot.com/ Feel free to join the site if you like what you see.

The Angels In Order said...

Send me your mailing address, I pulled some stuff for you.