Sunday, August 14, 2011

Card Show trade bait #2

I hit the monthly card show across the river and came away with a bunch of stuff.  I should be posting a few posts out of this show.  Still to come: a short but sweet Dodgers post a SP post, and couple others.  But up now is a Braves post!!  Here's what I got, and it's all up for trade!

Ignore the price tags!!  I can't believe I forgot to remove those.  They don't mean anything anyway...  Here are Rookies and Inserts!

Refractor, mini and 3 more inserts!
That Select 'Team Nucleus' card almost didn't make it into this post because I love it.  But I know some Braves guy will love it even more.  Comment or e-mail me to set up a trade for any of this stuff!


  1. not to be greedy, but what do you want for all of them?

  2. Dang, Canuck beat me to it! That is a sweet Minor RHR.

  3. Speed is King in the trade bait game!! With a name like Cubsfan731, why do you want Braves anyway??

    Maybe I'll try to get a Cubs bait post together...

  4. I've been meaning to change that. And I don't want Braves, just Mikey Minor. The Braves young pitching core intrigues me.