Thursday, August 18, 2011

My favorite Relief Pitchers. MINE, dagnabit you whippersnapper!

This is the seventh in this series of posts.  

1st basemen here, 2nd basemen here, Shortstops here, 3rd basemen here and Catchers here, Outfielders here, Starting Pitchers here.

I have been wanting to do a series on my favorite players by position for a while now.  I decided on "top 10's by position" as my format.  I want it to be fun and interactive though.  So I decided on a few 'rules'.

1. I can bend the rules when I feel like it.
2. The players on the list have to have played when I payed attention to baseball.  So my arbitrary cutoff date is 1980.  All players on the list must have played in the 1980 season or later.
3. No ranking, just the top 10 in no real order.  So Duane Kiper might make the list, but you won't know if he is #1 or #9 on that list
4. SP will be a top 20 and OF will be a top 30
5. This is a card blog, so each player must have an accompanying picture of one of their baseball cards.  Usually it will be one I don't have, so you all can send them to me!!
6. I'll update each page with reader suggestions (even if I don't care for them) and keep a link to all other positions on future pages


My favorite Relief Pitchers

This one looks like an All 80's squad mostly.  Aaaahh, the golden age of the closer!

Dan Quisenberry - RIP + I need a relic or auto of his.

Rollie Fingers - still a classic

Mariano Rivera - duh

Kent Tekulve - If you never saw this guy, google him or youtube or something!  Awesome.

Bruce Sutter

 Lee Smith

Dennis Eckersley - crazy good

Trevor Hoffman

Goose Gossage - send this card to me

Billy Wagner

Reader picks:
None yet!  Put them in the comments or e-mail to me!


  1. what about Smoltz? Led the league in saves three straight years and DOMINATED hitters.

  2. I got Smoltzie in the SP, that's just how I think of him. Similarly, I have Eck in the RP even though he was a starter for a long time. It's just how I see it in my little head!