Sunday, August 7, 2011

Plug N Play! Contests on the Interwebs!

Bloggers are basically attention suckers.  Lookit me, I gots cardboard stuffs!!  I'm not saying this to be mean (I AM a blogger after all) but to encourage you to give some of your limited attention span to a couple of great bloggers.

I could blab about how they are so insightful and they should be professional writers, and that would be true(ish), but the real reason you should head over there is the contests!!!

Jaybarkerfans Junk - You are playing for a spot in a 10 round card draft!  These are awesome.  Anyone who wants to enter and give their spot to me, let me know.

The Daily Dimwit - Here you are playing for one of 5 Auto's and relic's.  Good stuff!


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