Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mail call - En mass edition

Well, I complained about a mail drought the other day, so of course, I got pummeled!  That's not a bad thing though!  Check it out.  I apologize to the bloggers mentioned below, but I have been on vacation and need to catch up, so these reviews will be quick.

Jaybarkerfan dropped a 'Summer of Giving' bomb in my face with a LARGE pack of Cardinals!  Below are three of my favorites.  Can't go wrong with Ozzie and Bob!

The next package was from Ted @ Crinkly Wrappers.  For the small price of shipping, he sent me most of the 2009 Legendary Cuts base set.  He also threw in the 2 SP's below.  Sweet!  He also sent my winnings from his recent card draft, but that will wait for another post!
I was also lucky enough to get in on Napkindoon's Big Fun Game.  And I got a Harper out of it!  Haven't bought even one pack, but I have the big card from the set.  Thanks Napkin!
And lastly, Fuji held a contest recently in which I was honored to pick up a smattering of Masterpieces Basketball cards!  I also recieved the coveted Fuji trade card, so those of you who have been holding that card over my head can suck it!!!  Hehehe.

Thanks to all, and more to come soon!

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  1. Wow... didn't realize my card would ever be "coveted"... I'm truly honored! Thanks for participating in this year's contest.