Friday, April 19, 2013

Recent SCAM additions

Hey!  Real life has kept me from posting for a while, so this is a catch up post.  I got SCAM packages from three awesome bloggers!

First up is Tom from Angels In Order.  In addition to the roiders, he sent some fun 90's inserts!
This is just a sampling of what he sent, but the Puckett is awesome, I always like stickers(!) and the shiny on the other two makes me all warm and fuzzy.

Here are nine of the excellent selection of Bad Boys from Tom!
I think my favorite might be the Giambi.  So cheesy, but nostalgic for his A's days too.

Next up is a package from Shane at Shoebox Legends.  Tons of great cards, here's what fit on my scanner...
Great Bonds!!  That's what I'm talkin about!!  Perfect SCAM Project fodder.  Thanks Shane!

 The last package came courtesy of 2 PWE's from Oscar over at All Trade Bait All The Time!
Booya!  Excellent stuff, I especially like the Palmiero, about to harm a baseball with potentially juiced, extreme prejudice!

Oscar also must have poked around on my wantlists and seen that I like unique cards of 'Oil Can' Boyd.   This one is a beaut!  The glasses are simply awesome and the embroidered name...  this card makes me happy!!
Thanks a ton guys!!

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  1. Glad they arrived safely, also that is one of my all-time favorite Oil Can Boyd cards!