Friday, June 14, 2013


A couple of packages came in recently filled with TONS of cards to help with my Steroids Project.  There were so many between the two packages that my fingers are more muscular just from handling the steroid infused goodness (or badness, I guess)!

I think I might fail the next random roids test!!!

First up, Jeff from 2x3 Heroes dropped a mega-load.
The relics at the top are my 1st for Sosa, 1st for Arod and 2nd for Giambi!  I especially love the 'freed' Sosa!  Jeff asked if it would be cool if he sent the Sosa after he liberated it from it's frame.  I thought that was an exceptional idea.  I don't particularly love the A&G frames and the mini-relic is a great addition to the project.  I wonder what Jeff is doing with A&G frames???

Next up is an even larger bunch from Dustin @ Coot Veal and the Vealtones

Between the two packages I was able to add 5 or 6 cards to the Topps Base runs for the project and many inserts and parallels!

Also included were these, the 3rd Giambi and the 2nd Palmiero relics!

Thanks a ton guys!!!

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