Monday, June 3, 2013

Because it was a Nickel - Part 16

Nickel-Box, Day 16!!  It all started here many posts ago.

28 days of Nickel-Box!!  None of these cards are really anything I need for my collection, so if anyone is interested in any of them, hit me up for a spot in my PWE project!  Here is day 16: 

1998 Topps Gold Label 'Black Label' parallel

Why I bought it:  It was a nickel!  Gold Label is one of my favorite sets.  Pudge is one of my favorite catchers.  This card has sparkly writing and an 8x Beckett multiplier.  While the multiplier doesn't say much to me about actual value, it does imply that these Black Label cards were somewhat tough to find.  I like that.  And it was a nickel!!

Stay tuned for the rest of the series!!

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