Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Raffy's From Doonie

Some bloggers have distinctive names for their blogs.  Many of these come to be names that the bloggers themselves are known by.  Night Owl, Play at the Plate, Dime Box Nick, The Dutch Card Guy, Baseball Dad, Coot Veal, Jaybarkerfan, Platschke, Fuji, The Dimwit, Thorzul.

If I left you out, it isn't personal, I just quick scanned my reader and picked a few.

Another blogger that fits into this category is Napkin Doon of The Adventures of Napkin Doon.  I once called him Doonie, and I've felt bad about that ever since.  Not so bad, however, that I passed up the opportunity to use it again to title this post.

Anyway, Mr. Doon felt the need to PWE bomb me!  What a nice guy!  And it was cards I needed for the Steroids Project no less!

4 Topps Base and a nice numbered insert!  Thanks a ton Nap!

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  1. Hey just stopping in, hope everything is well. I still am trying to find some good cards to send you for all those Frank Thomas's you dropped on me!