Thursday, June 6, 2013

Making up for my Birthday

Well, it was my birthday a couple of days ago, and once again, I didn't get anything card related from my family.  I don't really blame them, but I want cards!!

Luckily, my fellow bloggers have come to the rescue as I received a couple of packages in the mail this week!  First up was a monster package from Jeff, who if he has a blog, I am unaware of it.  But even without a blog, he knows how to fill a box of cards!  Below is a small sampling of the many, many basketball inserts he sent my way.

I'll be working hard on a return package after that!!

Next up is one from Madding at Cards on Cards. He has been posting Up for Grabs posts where he offers various 'baseball cards' for 'trade'.  I recently jumped on a bunch of Mark McGwires he posted.  But before we get to Big Mac, Madding threw in some extras!!

The first two are excellent additions to my SCAM Project, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.  The Bonds is a Factory Set only addition, I think, and the Clemens is a 'Hobby Reserve' parallel.  Awesome!  And a 95 Diamond Kings Joe Carter.  This year of Diamond Kings is kind of weird.  Sometimes I like them, sometimes not.  But I do like the Carter.

And as for McGwire, there were many.  Many, many!  I think I have close to 750 unique McGwires now.  My favorite from those sent by Madding was this:
I love it because they spelled his name wrong!  McGuire!  Sportflics must have had some real good QA guys back then!

Thanks Madding!

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