Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Because it was a Nickel - Part 24

Nickel-Box, Day 24!!  It all started here many posts ago.

28 days of Nickel-Box!!  None of these cards are really anything I need for my collection, so if anyone is interested in any of them, hit me up for a spot in my PWE project!  Here is day 24: 
1992 Topps Dairy Queen Team USA Jim Abbott

Why I bought it:  It was a nickel!  Oddballs rule, that's why!!  And Jim Abbott rules!  Not the best picture, but the man had only one 'baseball ready' hand and he still made the majors.  And did well!!  And it was a nickel!!

Stay tuned for the rest of the series!!

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  1. Fantastic card! I would never have left that behind in even a quarter box, much less a nickel box. Well done sir.

  2. If you haven't bombed me yet, this would certainly work for me. This or that Steve Carlton Giants oddball. Loves me some pitchers!