Friday, February 10, 2012

Be quick!

Every Major League team has an all time-games played leader.  Most of these men are retired.  Three are still active and still on the team they hold the record for.  Soooooo......

Name the three players that are the All-Time leaders in career games played for their current teams.

One guess per person, 1st to get it right takes the prize!

Unfortunately, I will be out until about 8:30 PST, so I won't confirm a winner until I get back.


  1. I think Mariner1 has it, but Jeter, Chipper, and Pujols?

  2. Todd Helton, Derek Jeter, and Michael young are correct

  3. Yup, cardanathema wins, with a quick 5 minutes after the post. Nice job!