Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Holy package from Dennis

Yesterday, I mentioned that I would be posting about 2 packages from bloggers that were sent to me out of the kindness of their hearts.  Speigel was yesterday, today is Dennis from Too Many Verlanders!  This one was completely out of the blue.  Not only does Dennis have too many Verlanders (and Grandersons), but he has way too many cool cards that I like.

He sent a ton.

Like 2000 pounds.  That is how much a ton is.

With the postage rates gone up, I wonder how much is cost him to send 2000 pounds of cards.  Really, a lot of cards, and all of them right in my wheelhouse!

So check it out!
I'd been looking for some of these Pinnacle Mozaics cards.  Well, Dennis threw in a bunch of them!  They are very interesting looking.  I likey!  Other flashy stuff was abundant as well.

Here is more flashy.  Die cuts, the 2 Wave of the Future cards actually are plastic and have liquid in them.  The Fleer card on the top left doesn't look too flashy, but it is actually my first Fleer Tiffany parallel!  I thought only Topps did Tiffany.

These are all various Artists Proof parallels from Pinnace and Donruss.  There were a LOT more of these.  I especially like the Die Cut ones.

2 serial #'d Pudge Diamond Kings from tough sets!  Really cool, I don't know if I will ever complete these 2 sets because they don't pop up much any more.  And McGwires!!  Beautiful stuff, I had never even seen the Pinnacle Die Cut one.
And of course, the inspiration for the package, Dennis wanted to help with my quest for refractors!  You can see why I say he sent a literal ton.  Bundles and bundles!

Thanks oh so much Dennis, I'll be on the lookout for you!!

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  1. You're gonna laugh, but I was actually disappointed I couldn't send you more Refractors because I wanted to be the one to send you the most. The "shiny inserts" were easier because I had a ton I wanted to get rid of. I really like those Mozaics too, and I put up a post with my complete set here: Good luck with the Refractor project, and don't worry about sending me anything back, I'm always happy to help.