Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rooting AGAINST my favorite player

I've decided I'm crazy.

When a normal person watches a sporting event in which their favorite player is participating, the natural thing to do is to root for that player.  Right?  Well, here is an example of how collecting cards has totally screwed up my priorities!

I'm not a Giants fan. I'm not a Patriots fan.  But my favorite football player is Wes Welker.

I love Wes because he reminds me of me.  Not the stupid comments about Rex Ryan last year (OK, I make plenty of comments I regret too).  No I like Wes because he is an undersized, undrafted tough little producer.  I like the sheer number of catches he makes.  The way other teams try to bully him physically, but he just bounces right back.  Reminds me of me in my tiny little football career.  (I didn't even make the team at a 2 year college, so I'm definitely not bragging!)  He isn't perfect, but he is my favorite active player.

So why am I rooting against him?  Cards.  I don't have many Welkers and no RC's or high end cards.  I'd like some.  And if he has a big game on the Big Stage, they will retreat even further out of my price range.  So if Welker catches a game winning touchdown, I'll celebrate his accomplishment, but mourn a little for the cards I'll never own.

What a sad sob story. huh?

Go Wes!

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