Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back I hope

A few weeks ago I had a run of 21 posts in 20 days.  Good times.  Then I dropped off the face of the earth, no posts in 18 days.  I think I'm bipolar.  Actually, work has been a bear for the last month.  We let people go and one is on medical leave and I have all their burdens on my shoulders.  I get home and there is no energy left for cards or posting.

But somethings gotta change!  I am getting crankier and meaner and the cure is some diversion and fun.  So hopefully back to blogging.

It is time!


  1. Welcome back! Work sucks hope it gets better.. I am interested in that igoudala autograph that you have on your page.. I sent you most of my refractors previously I do have some higher end ones that I'd be willing to part with for the igoudala (but not 89 of them) let me know what you think

  2. Hopefully you have more time/energy to post. I enjoy the blog!

  3. I hear ya. I got called into work today after calling in sick. Wha?????

  4. Welcome back. Blogging is a great diversion from all that real world stuff.