Saturday, March 17, 2012

Highest lowball wins!

Behold, the 1999 SPx Star Focus insert complete set!!!  30 cards of 1999's hottest stars.  The scans dont show off the cards in their true look.  They are lighter than the scans show and feature the color photo on the left with a greyscale photo on the right.

The cards are in good shape!!  My scanner is doing a number on me.

So here is the deal.  These cards are 'worth' somewhere around $120 according to my year old Beckett.  I want less than that for them.  I want you to lowball me!  Anyone interested in trading for this set, make me an offer at  Comments are nice, but offers on this go to the e-mail address please.

I'll take offers until 8PM PST on Wednesday March 21st.  After that, I'll take whatever offer I consider the best.  Offer me a vintage common, a nice insert card, some refractors or even a WNBA card.  Anything goes!

Oooohhhh!  Big money!  LOL.  I'm off to clean my scanner!

1 comment:

  1. You're 100% correct... the scanner doesn't do this set justice. I recently picked up the Maddux for my collection... beautiful set.