Monday, March 12, 2012

I buy because...

Yesterday I posted a 'Why do I buy?' post where I put up some stuff that I purchased at Saturday's card show that I didn't feel the need to keep.  Well, here is the stuff that I will be keeping!  It's not really different from the non-keeper stuff, at least qualitatively.  But I like it!

Funky Jeter die-cut
Carew Kellogs (my 4th different Carew kellogs!)
Funky (again) Biggio die-cut #d /1000
Eddie Murray oddball - on the back in the small print, it says that the bearer of this card is a 'True Fan'.  I'm a true fan!!!!!
Ozzie Kellogs
1984 Star Yaz - I'd never seen these before.  cool.

Pickup of the day, Sandy Amoros 56 Topps!  Like most everyone, I love this set.  This card is in very nice shape for a 56.  Beautiful!


  1. my faves - of course 55 WS star sandy amaros, and the cool eddie murray oddball

  2. Wow... love seeing Ozzie in his Padres uniform. Something about those early 80's Kellogg's sets.