Monday, March 5, 2012

The Ultimate Carew?

What is the Ultimate Rod Carew?

I've always liked Carew, with his wacky batting stance and preternatural ability to put bat to ball.  His .388 average in 1977 was HUUUUUGE... until George Brett did him one better in 1980.  But it was a foregone conclusion that when I returned to the hobby, I'd chase me some Carew's!

So is this the Ultimate Carew?????
Well, yeah.  It's a 2004 Upper Deck Ultimate Rod Carew #d/675!  And its in MY personal collection!

The Ultimate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, enough hyperbole, while I like the Ultimate line, that can't be the Ultimate Carew can it?

How about this one, also in my personal collection?????
This just happens to be my only 1/1 too.  Pretty nice!?!?  Now I only need the Gold version (/50) and the Platinum (/10).  That's be a sweet little 4 card stack!

But for the Ultimate Carew, I probably need to go outside my collection.  How about something like this:

I'd take that in a heart beat!  It's a sticker auto, but still sweet as Rod's swing.

Naw, none of these are the Ultimate.  The ultimate is the one Topps Carew from his playing days that I don't have.  It might be one of the ugliest Carew cards too, but it is still my Ultimate Carew!

Oh, and if anyone's got one laying around... you know what to do!

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  1. Wow... nice 1 of 1. But gotta agree... his rookie card is truly the ultimate Carew.