Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why do I buy????

Card show yesterday!!!  In another post, I'll show what I am keeping, but here is a bunch of stuff I bought... that I don't want!  Why, you ask?  Mostly because it was too cheap to pass up, but partly for trading.  So if you see anything you like...
I have no idea what the 'Red Foley' Nolan Ryan is.

Lots of Piazzas in this bunch.

Told ya!

The Gwynn and Hendersons are 2001 Heritage SP's.

Let me know if you want anything!


  1. I'd like to trade for the Tulo rookie and the Wright Bowman Heritage and one of the Wright Bowman golds.

  2. i like those 2 jackie robinsons. from your wants page: i have some mcguire inserts, and various other 90's inserts, have you seen anything at my site that grabs you?

  3. May you set aside those Piazza promo cards? Just the ones in a Dodger uniform, please. I will get something together for you shortly.

  4. I am pretty sure I need that Helton.

    The Red Foley was a set of stickers put out to compete with Panini and Topps. I remember buying some of them when I was a kid. I do remember they put out several years worth because I stopped buying stickers around 1989 or so.

  5. dang you moremonkeys! I wanted that Heritage Wright

  6. I would like to trade for the two Ripkens, I'll see what I have to offer you.

  7. I could really use the Red Foley, if you want some BBMs or Calbees or something!