Monday, June 18, 2012

Dutch Cards

Most of you know Jeroen over at The Dutch Card Guy.  If you don't yet, check his stuff out, you won't be disappointed.  Well, not his stuff, that just sounds weird.  His posts.  And his cards.  Yeah, that's better.


He made a post where he had a low numbered Diamond King I needed, I commented and we hashed out a quick trade!

Now Jeroen said right up front, that he doesn't like just sending one card.  Postage being what it is, you get much more bang for the buck sending a few more cards. I couldn't agree more!!  So I shot him some stuff off his want lists and he sent me...some really sweet stuff!! Check out a sampling below.
Not one, but 3 low numbered Diamond Kings!  The Shawn Green was the original trade starter, but the others are awesome too.  Especially the Carew #/100!  I love finding nice Carew's I don't already have.

He sent a couple of refractors for my project and a numbered Pudge.  I have really been liking nice looking Pudge's since he retired.

And of course, the biggie, a Wade Boggs jersey card!!  Boggsie has always been a favorite of mine and this is a nice card of his.

Thanks a bunch Jeroen!

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