Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Fuji Challenge

Oh Fooj!  You drew me in...

As if you hadn't already seen it everywhere else, the Great Fuji has asked the question:

What is your favorite vintage card and/or 90's insert card in your collection? Why? How did you acquire it?

And I couldn't resist figuring it out for myself.  So after an hour of looking through my collection, here are the answers!  I couldn't stop at vintage or 90's insert, so I chose one of each.


Oh yeah!  Growing up, I was fascinated with Willie and Hank.  I read multiple biographies of both of them.  I never thought I'd own a card of either of them except the K-Mart series.

So now that I'm a 'rich' adult, I jumped at the chance to get a cheap copy of this card with both of my childhood heroes on it.  In fact, I like it so much that it's one of the few cards I have 2 copies of!  Neither is in very good shape, but I love them anyway.

90's Insert

This is both sides of a 1998 Finest 'Mystery Finest 1' Mark McGwire refractor #M10.  There are no less than 7 different McGwires in the mystery finest sets for this year, but this is the only one with 2 BigMacs on it.

I love this card because it is rare-ish, valuable and most of all, a DOUBLE-SIDED REFRACTOR!  Hehe, that's cool.  It also looks better in person than in the scan, so there!  I got this at a card show in Seattle about a year ago for a steal.

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  1. I WILL own this card (the 64 Topps Mays/Aaron) one day... it is my destiny.

    As for 90's refractors... I'm a huge fan. Double sided refractors? Words can't express how cool those are.