Monday, June 11, 2012

Fabulous Ebay Pickup

I was recently reading one of Napkin Doon's Checklist Chipaway posts where he is trying to get the 2003 Diamond Kings Master set.  It's a serious undertaking!  There are something like 7000 insert sets in 2003 Diamond Kings (a slight exaggeration) and most of them are not cheap.

Mr. N. Doon wrote one piece where he completed the 2003 Diamond Kings 'DK Evolution' insert set.  I had picked up the Derek Jeter from this set at a card show but had never seen another card from it.  So, inspired by the Napkin Man, I went on an Ebay hunt!
I looked at completed listings and roughed out a guess on how much it would cost me to put the set together.  My rough estimate was $72 not counting shipping!  So I put that on the back burner, but I left an Ebay search active and sending me e-mails, and...

Up popped a listing for the complete set!!!  Here it is:

And the best part is it was only about $18 shipped!  Less than $1 a card.  Score!!!!  And I owe it all to Doonie.


  1. Wow! That is one beautiful set!

  2. Glad I It is a great insert set. I put mine together slowly over several years so I don't know how much it cost me overall. Way more than $18, I know that. Hats off to you for scoring it at a great price!