Monday, June 4, 2012

Refractor Bidding Game

OK, it's time for a little game.  Below are 20 cards featuring Alex Rodriguez in the uniform of the Texas Rangers.  I have had most of these cards for several years.  I figured someone would want them, but I have never found a taker.  Not that I have tried really hard.  I have tons of cards like these that I mean to trade someday, but never get around to it.

Which leads to this game.  As most of you know, I am collecting refractors in bulk this year.  I am easily on pace for my goals, but have really slowed in my progress the last few months.  So I am offering these A-Rod's, all 20, to whoever pledges the most refractors in trade.  So leave your bid in the comments and may the biggest A-Rod fan win!  If the highest bid is only 1 refractor, that will win, so don't be shy!  Baseball, Basketball and Football refractors are accepted.

My son has been watching me scan and type this up and he volunteered to look up all 20 cards in an old Beckett.  According to him (he is 13, so I trust him) the cards have a total book value of $39.75.

I'll leave the bidding open until Saturday June 9th at noon Pacific time.

Comment away!


  1. Hmm, wish they had him in a Yanks jersey! I will bid 3 refractors...his jersey # with the Rangers, the number of years he played with them, the number of MVPs he has won, and the number of times I yell every game, "ahhh we still have him for ANOTHER SIX YEARS?!"

  2. Ha ha! Great bid. If you win, I'll throw in some Yanks!

  3. I will bid 4 refractors. I don't have most of those in my A-Rod collection so they will be a welcome adition.

  4. Very interesting concept !

    But Arod doesn't fit too well in my binders.

    I have a big stack of my own to get rid of anyway !