Friday, June 15, 2012

Featured Diamond Kings set of the month - May

Welcome to yet another series inspired by my blog goals for this year!  Every month, I will feature a Diamond Kings set in depth.  Gotta stay true to my roots!

If you've been following this series, you have probably noticed that the 'in depth' part has been dwindling.  This one might be the shortest yet!  I plan on changing that starting with the next installment, so keep me honest if I don't!

Still in catch up mode on this series, but I'm getting closer!  In April, I went with the 1992 Diamond Kings.  This month we look at the 1998 Diamond Kings Inserts.

I only have 5 cards from this 20 card set and they are pictured below.

I REALLY like these cards!  They have a glossy finish which makes the marbled border look great.  The artwork is fantastic and brings each players person to life.  Pudge's wide eyes, always aware, Randy's intensity and Cal's love of the game.

I also think of this set as the 'crazy eyes' set because the artist seems to really like using the players eyes as a focal point.

These cards are serial numbered /10000.  The first 500 of each player has a rougher finish and are considered the 'Canvas' parallel to the main set.

This is one of the DK sets I'd most like to complete, so if you have any of them that aren't pictured above, let me know and we can trade!!!

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