Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some for trade, some for keeps!

Welcome to my monthly card show post.  Here is where I say the same old thing I always say after a show.  Here it is:  Blah blah, really fun, blah, whatta deal, more text here, found some keepers, you can't have them, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and some trade bait, come and get it, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

On to the pics! Here are some modern cards of vintage stars that I quite like!  At first I thought I'd keep all of these, but if a Dodger lover wants the Pennant Agression die cuts, I'd be willing to let them go.  The 'When it was a game' cards catch my eye for some reason.  I like them a lot.  I thought about going for the whole 50 card insert set, but that just made me tired.  Maybe I'll just be happy with what I have.  They don't fit in my collection exactly, but I keep lots of cards just because I like their look.  These were quarters, by the way.

These were part of a stack of cards I grabbed for $20.  That was the bulk of my money for the show, but I'd seen these on lots of blogs and they seem in demand, so I grabbed em!  They still have the protective film over them, so they might look a little bubbly, but they are in good condition.  They are really thick too!  Let me know if you want any of these and we can get a trade started.

This was also in the $20 stack.  I have not done an Astros trade in a while and this is the 'die-cut' version of this card which Beckett has with a $20 price tag.  All that means to me is that someone might want it!  Speak up!
A bunch of the rest of the $20 pile was these:
I have seen these featured on a couple of other blogs lately and they not only look cool, but they are serial #d.  Anywhere from /35 to /60.  Very cool!  I especially like the Murphy and Clemente.  All are up for trade. (I kept a couple duplicates!)

These little on-card beauties were in a .50 box!  I'll take that aaaaaaaaall day!  The Hrbek has a slight ding on a corner, but I don't care.  Fifty cents!
And lastly, the one card I was happiest to walk away with:

This leaves me only 1 (technically 2) cards short of the whole 69 Topps Deckle set, #11.  I say technically, because there is the regular #11, Hoyt Wilhelm and a short printed alternate #11, Jim Wynn.  I need both.  How weird is it that I need 2 different #11's to finish a set?  Obviously, if you have either of those, please let me know so I can put this vintage mutha to bed!

Oh, and blah blah!


  1. I like those Leaf Sportscasters (or whatever they're called, I don't remember right now!). Can you add them in with the Red Foley (unless that's already shipped)? I'll be seriously putting together some kind of package to send your way soon!

  2. I would be highly interested in that Bagwell.

  3. I like the Heath Bell in the old school Padres uni and the Bill Madlock auto if they are for trade.

    Let me see what I have to offer from your want list.

  4. Nice pickups! Those "When It Was A Game" inserts are easily among my favorite insert sets ever produced.

  5. consider me a Dodger lover interested in those pennant agression cards. i'll send u an email with an offer in the next day or so. thanks !

  6. If you don't send it to Ryan I could use that Sspprtcaster Pedro.