Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Post

OK, here we go!  This will be a bit of reading, but it may be worth it.

I am pleased to announce my yearly contest.  I know there are people who read my blog when I post, however irregularly that may be.  Those regular readers are the ones that I would most like to win in this contest.   So no publicity please!!  And if you are not a regular reader, you can still enter.  Here is how it will work:

There will be 7 prizes available.  Starting with this post and continuing for the next 6 days I will post one prize per day.  It's pretty simple, if you want to entered for that day's prize, leave a comment on that day's post.  Everyone who wants in can have a maximum of three entries.  That means you can enter on only 3 prize posts (*with a few exceptions below).  If you enter on more prize posts than you are allowed, you will be removed from all prizes. will be used 3 times per prize to determine who wins each.

The first 3 comments on any prize post will get double entry for that prize.  That's an incentive to jump in on prizes early rather than waiting until all 7 are posted.

*The exceptions!  A few weeks ago, I made some extra entries available for commenting on earlier posts.  Below are the people who earned extra entries and the number of extras they have.  These entries can be used on a fourth (or fifth) prize post or as a second entry on any one prize post.

Play at the Plate - 1
madding - 2
comatoad - 1
Josh D. - 1
Nick - 2
Brian Conrad - 1
The Lost Collector - 1
Fuji - 2
irondequoit36 - 2
Greg Zakwin - 1
Brad's Blog - 1
The Junior Junkie - 1
Spiegel83 - 1
So let's get to it!  Here is today's prize:

A 2007 UD Masterpieces base set (not scanned, these are already packed, I lifted this image from Ebay)  It's a beautiful set!

And 28 assorted cards from the 60's including a 1969 Pete Rose and a 1966 Brooks Robinson.  All of the vintage cards have condition issues, you can see for yourself in the scans.

Comment below if you wish to use one of your entries on this prize!


  1. Awesome contest! I'll burn an entry on this one. I love Masterpieces AND vintage.

  2. Definitely want in. I need that Rose. Excellent graciousness on your part.

  3. A perfect start to the contest..
    I'll even use 1 of my 2 extra on this..

  4. I am most definitely in on this one.


  5. Thanks for the contest! This is an awesome prize! I'm in on this one!

  6. I'm in! Thank you sir!


    (It's the word verification).

  7. Vintage and Masterpieces are two of the finest things created on cardboard. I'd be a fool to not use one of my entries on this.

  8. Count me among the many that would like a shot at this one.

  9. I would also like to try on this one, as always very generous of you DK!

  10. Late to the party, but in on this one. Thanks!

  11. Frustrated I keep missing out on being among the first 3 commenters. F#%#&#%&$%&!! This one, specifically, since when I clicked the button, there were only 2 but I was just a bit too slow and then aborted my comment, hoping I'd have better luck in future days.. but no. So now, with my tail between my legs, I reluctantly throw in an entry in vain for this lot, hating life every step of the way. But don't let my negativity reflect my appreciate for your blog and this awesome run of contests!

  12. Can't pass up on this one, even with the long odds. I'm in. Thanks!