Saturday, January 18, 2014

PWE results

First off, a contest update.  The wife and I got supersick this week, so the contest winnings only went out yesterday.  Start watching the mailboxes early next week!

Now to today's post!

Last year, before I had some major health issues that basically brought my blogging to a halt, I had a goal to send out as many PWE's as I could.  Before I got derailed, I sent out 49 PWE's.  I kept careful track of who I sent them to and if I got a response back.  Here are the stats!

Total sent: 49
Total responses: 41
Total responses via email: 22
Total responses on blogs: 26
Number with no response: 8

From the numbers, I conclude that bloggers are pretty good at communication.  Only 16% of the PWE's had no response of any kind. And I think at least a few of those were to guys without a blog.  That's not much of a surprise though, our little blogging community is pretty cool.  Even more, if you add the responses via email and responses on blogs, you get 48 total, which is more than the 41 total responses in the stats.  That's because 7 people responded with an email as well as a blog post.  Pretty nice.

Though the point of sending PWE's wasn't to track stats, it was fun and only confirmed what I thought in the first place.  That bloggers are the best!

How do my numbers compare with your experiences?

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