Monday, January 27, 2014

Latin Project Update

I've been giving the Latin Project some thought and have come to at least one conclusion.  I want to include players who are heavily involved in the Latin cultures.  What I mean by that, is that I want the players highlighted in this project to not just have Latin ancestry, but Latin involvement. 

Some examples:

-Vladimir Guererro spent most of his life prior to his MLB career in the Dominican Republic.  I like that and want that kind of player in the project.

-Rafael Palmiero spent his early life in Cuba, but did at least High School in America.  I don't know how I feel about including this kind of player in the project.

-Jose Canseco was born in Cuba but left for America when he was still an infant.  That makes him and other players like him very borderline to make it into the project.

Does anyone have any input on that?  Am I doing it right or wrong in your opinion?  Does anyone know where I could find easily accessible information on when Latin players came to America?

Also, I have put a new link to the Latin Project Status Page in the 'Sticky Stuff' section on the upper right of the blog.  It's not anywhere near complete yet, or even ready to be used at all, but it's a start and I hope to get a decent list of players I need for the project up soon.

Anyway, I would appreciate any and all feedback on any aspect of this project!  And a big thank you to Jeff and Dhoff for their input so far.  I really appreciate it!

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  1. Do you want the crossover with the SCAM project by using players like Palmeiro and Canseco? I think you could find better examples and leave them just on that list. Speaking of which, I can probably help you out with some of Raffys cards. The Rangers years anyway.