Sunday, January 5, 2014

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I know several bloggers out there who collect non-mint, well loved, and even completely hammered cards.  Sometimes it is the only way most of us can ever hope to own some of the awesome vintage out there.  With that in mind...

Yesterday's prize was a mammoth stack of cards.  Today's will be much, much smaller.  Two cards to be exact.  The two cards below may look, at first glance, to be in decent condition.  However, they both have the same problem.

71 Topps cards have always had a problem with the black edges flaking and chipping, leaving really obvious light colored marks on their edges.  A somewhat common remedy has been taking a sharpie to the light colored blemishes and presto, they are all black again.

I bet there are people who can do this process well, probably even almost undetectable.  The cards below were not done by such a person.  Not that they look bad, but if you look, the marker marks are obvious.

However, these are two of the iconic cards from the 1971 set, and I imagine there are some of you out there who would like them, sharpie and all.

So without further ado, here are the cards for day 5!

Comment away!

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  1. I'll be first to go for this one! My 2nd Entry! Thanks again!

  2. Man! Go on vacation and look what I've been missing out on. Count me in for this one, those are some great cards. Thanks!

  3. i want in please. and put my 2nd bonus entry with this as well...

  4. An entry, and I'll use my extra entry here as well.

  5. A little late to the contest, but I'm in for this one. Thanks!