Monday, June 22, 2020

Blog readin and some incoming

All right, I have been back, actively reading blogs for a bit now, and am wondering if the technology has changed in the time since I have been away.  In other words, how are the kids doing it now??

So, how do you keep track of/read blogs?

I currently use  I have 91 sports card blogs that it aggregates for me.  Some of those are dead, but I keep them in the list for now anyway.  I also like Feedly because I have quite a few other blogs on different topics that I keep up on.  I don't really want to put those blogs on my blogroll.  This seems to work OK, but maybe there is a better system.

What are the other or better ways to keep all the blogs you read easily accessible? Any tips and tricks? Thanks for any and all feedback!

On to some more packages!  The first one is some Free Card Friday loot from a few weeks of the giveaways from Nick at Dimeboxes!

First up is some wonderful newer stuff that is sorely lacking in my collection.  Any Trout insert is most welcome as I am Trout poor!  I LOVE good looking cards of Expos uni's, so the Randy is a total score.  Beautiful Bo too.

The other 4 are inserts or parallels that I did not have in my collection, and are all very cool.

Didn't I just mention loving Expos unis??  These oddballs fit the bill.

These three stamps round out the PWE!  They appear to be from 1970 and can be put into stamp albums like this one:
I have a couple of these, but didn't know exactly what stamps are supposed to go in them.  Now I know!
This is the inside of the stamp album.  The pictures appear to match the color pics on the stamps.  You guys have these in your collections?

Thanks a ton Nick!!

And I was also lucky enough to receive a cool PWE from the great Fuji!
14 McGwires, always much appreciated!  And I placed the lone Griffey, pointing at the McGwires as if to say, haha, I didn't do steroids!!!

Thanks a bunch Fuji!!


  1. I have a reading list on my blog.

  2. I use feedly as well to read all kinds of things on the internet but I have a specific folder for the card blogs so I can make sure I don't miss any.

  3. I've just always used Night Owl's blogroll. That was one of the first blogs I started reading, and I guess I've found that it includes most anything I'd want to read. Although if someone knows of a good baseball card blog that isn't there, feel free to enlighten me!

  4. Glad you enjoyed everything! I also use the sidebar/blogroll on my blog. I try to keep it somewhat updated, and it's easy to scroll through.

  5. My own blog roll. If you keep it updated, it has everything you need.

  6. I pretty much use the reading list on blogspot... which is synced with the blogroll on my blog.

  7. I find blogs through other blogs that seem interesting to me and add them to my blogroll. But there is a huge blogroll blog that has all of them

  8. I use the reading list within Blogger. The Gypsy Queen Randy Johnson is a cool card and all those McGwires are nice.

  9. I use my reading list on blogger and nicks blog roll.

  10. Fuji has been passing out some great cardboard lately!

    I don't use any blog reading tools, I just add blogs to my Blogger blogroll and scroll through the active blogs, commenting on as many as I can (it's usually a sweep of 30 blogs or so once a week.)

  11. I didn't even know that there were any sort of blog reading tools, like pretty much everyone else above me here, I just use my Blogger blogroll.