Friday, June 26, 2020

For those about to scroll - we salute you.

This is a long post about some trades and freebies I have received.  But it might be worth the read, see you at the end!

First up is a trade I made with Matt over at Sport Card Collectors.  I send him a variety of basketball inserts from the later 90's and he sent me a ton of McGwires and one player to be named later!

There is a reason these are sorted by year, and it has more to do with than just sorting my McGwires.  That reason will come in another post later this week.

2013s.  Patriotic.

2014s.  Classy and clean.

2015s.  Getting shiny and a double mini.

2016s. More A's than Cardinals.

2017s.  Parallels galore and another mini.

2018s.  Some nice stuff, serial numbers and another mini.

2019s. Hodgepodge.

2020s.  My first 2020 McGwire!  Also serial #d.

In all honesty, I only had 3 or 4 McGwires from after 2005, so almost all of these were new to me.  A big addition to my McGwire numbers!

But there were 2 more cards in the bunch...
Graded 9 with a piece of bat!  Very cool.  It says it is from the Hidden Treasures Diamond Collection.  Not sure what that is.

And McGwire's partner in crime (in more ways than one!)  Jose!!  This was the 'player to be named later'.  Looks so young...

Thanks a bunch Matt!!

Next up is a group of cards from Free Card Friday at Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary!

So much color!!  Right up my alley.  My favorites are the Barry Sanders Finest and the Ripken 3000 Club.  But the rest are awesome too.  Thanks Brian!!!

And now, if you got this far, I noticed that a couple of our very generous Free Card Friday folks have decided to take this Friday off for various (good) reasons.  So I thought I would fill that void a little.  Now I have extremely little current stuff in my collection, so these cards are all a little older (but not OLD!). But still, free is free right?

Like most of the other Free Card Friday posts out there, please pick by page and card number from top left to bottom right.  So of you wanted the Matt Cain die cit, claim page 1 - #8.  Only the cards below are free today, not the stuff up above!

Let's go for a max of 6 cards per claimer today.  Thanks!

Die cuts.

Sideways cards.


More misc.

And the rest.  If your name is Joey, then the Hale Irwin should work for you!  The Larry Walker is an O-Pee-Chee card with a 'special offer' on the back, not part of the regular set.

Go to town!


  1. I'm really envious of that Finest Barry, I was early for once, but not early enough to claim that one!

    Can you set aside that Felix Hernandez in the first scan for me? Thanks in advance.

    1. Oh, and the MadBum in the last scan... thanks again!

    2. Yes! And I agree, I was thrilled to get that Barry. Sorry!

  2. Page 3 and # 1 2 8 and 9 please!!! Thanks!

    1. Done! Yeah, the Santo was very cool for free. I'm slowly accumulating that set, but there's some biggies in there that might take a long time.

  3. Glad you enjoyed! Hope I sent enough for what you sent. I always worry about that

    1. I definitely appreciate it! I always worry about that stuff too.

  4. Hey. 5 - 1 please: Phillies great Roy Halladay. Not sure why he has so many cards from his cup of coffee with the Blue Jays. Whenever you send it is fine with me.

    Voting for the Topps Valor Barry Sanders from your keepers.

  5. May I claim page 1 card 9 (David Price) and page 5 number 8 (Profar). Thank you.

  6. Page 3, #6 Eddie Murray gold and Page 5, #2 Gary Sheffield SN (hey, he was a Met for a few minutes) would hit the spot. Thanks!

  7. May I claim Page 1: 1, 2, and 3.
    Thank you!

  8. Can I claim 3.3 (Dawson) and 3.7 (Griffey)? I'm going to have to find something to send you, too.

  9. Page 4, that Martinez-Valdes thing I've never seen before.

    I have that Montero, only the chewed-by-my-dog variation.

    1. They are both yours. You'd think the 'chewed' variation is an SSP, but I hear it is only a regular SP. Not all that rare.

  10. That Canseco relic is awesome! It's also very affordable, which surprises me... because it was a fairly tough pull back in 2002. I'm really glad Topps honored him with that card... and featured him with the A's.

    1. Yep, its a good card! Sounds like I don't know the whole story, as usual.

  11. May I please claim 1-7 and 5-3&4

  12. Don't know if I'm too late for this, but if I'm not, may I claim the following:

    Page 1 #5
    Page 2 #5 and #9
    Page 3 #5
    Page 4 #4 and #7

    I'll e-mail you my address if they're still available. Thanks!