Sunday, June 7, 2020

Uncle cards - Part 3

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Welcome to the third post about my uncles cards.  Here are the other posts (finished and upcoming):

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1. Miscellaneous
2. 1958s (today!)
3. 1965-66s
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5. 1962-64s

Today we his the 1958 topps section of my Uncles cards.  There were about 90 1958s, most of them are pictured in this stack:

90 total 1958 cards.  I don't know how many cards were in a pack back then, but they obviously didn't buy a ton.

Here are the commons.  Lots of head and upper body shots in this set.

I'm cheating a little, and also showing the 2 1957 cards in the collection.  I doubt they actually bought these, since there were only 2.  More likely these were pickups from other kids, I'd guess.  Back to the 58s!

I read lots of baseball books when I was a kid in the 80's.  These guys were players I have fond memories of from those books.  None of them are HOFers, but each has a place in baseball lore.

Like last time, an example of the rough condition of most of these cards.

Now on to the more 'valuable' cards in the 1958's.  These are the cards that show up in an old price guide as not being commons.

Jim Bunning!  I'm not sure that 'well loved' quite covers the damage on this one. In my imagination, I see kids trying to throw pennies through baseball cards.

Nellie Fox!  Most of these guys are forgotten by today's fans.  Fox is still well loved by the old timers though!

Hoyt Wilhelm!  Cult status!  Seems like there are a decent number of Hoyt collectors out there.  Anyone got a Hoyt that is this beat up?

Herb Score!  Fastball!  Score once held the record for most strikeouts by a rookie with 245.  He was definitely on the track to real stardom, but was hit in the face by a batted ball, and never really got it all back after that.

Whitey Ford!  The Chairman of the Board. I imagine we won't see the name Whitey very often going forward.  I'm almost surprised how many Yankees there are in these cards, as my uncles are definitely not Yankees fans!

Bobby Richardson!  Another Yankee.  He was pretty good, very steady.  But I imagine the only reason he was listed in the Beckett is that he was a Yankee.  Evidently there is a yellow letter variation of this card that is a little pricier.

Larry Doby!  First African American player in the AL.  Only 3 months after Jackie Robinson.  Most of us are familiar with the Jackie horror stories from the start of his MLB career, and I imagine Doby had a lot of the same.  He looks unimpressed on the card, probably because he knew how abused it would be by some kids from Oregon.

Luis Aparicio!  I kind of think of him as the Omar Vizquel of the 50's.  Slick fielder and fast!

Early Wynn!  Early to bed and Early to rise...  gets a piece of your baseball card torn out, I guess.

Bob Lemon!  Strange fact, Lemon was the pitcher who came in to relieve Herb Score after Score was hit in the face by a batted ball.

And my favorite card of these 58s, Eddie Matthews!!


  1. Think those cards can be taken out of the top loaders, unless there's fear that a couple of them might disintegrate!

  2. Gotta be fun to hold those in your hands and go through them. Some classic names.

  3. Man these look like a ton of fun to go through. '58 is an underrated set for my money!

  4. Sweet Ford! And good point on the name. Actually Ford and Hertzog are the only two I'm familiar with.