Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Uncle cards - the finale

Welcome to the fourth post about my uncles childhood cards that they kindly let me look through and post about.  Here are the other posts about the collection:

0. Intro and Football
1. Miscellaneous
2. 1958s
3. 1965-66s
4. 1959-60s
5. 1962-64s (today!)

The finale!  You are probably glad this will be over if the pageview numbers mean anything!

The 62's.  There were only 6 of them.  The first 4:

Somebody didn't like Eddie Kasko much...

And the two that were 'in the book'
McCarver RC!  Excellent card, a good look for a young McCarver.

Another guy someone hated.  Those pin holes are oddly placed.  Sure, there are a couple in the face, but most are on the hat and the glove.  Maybe they hated the Cubs and leather?  I try to ignore the pinhole at the crotch, that's over the line.

The 63 commons...
Decent group, lots of head shots again.

Three that I like.  The Alou brothers always intrigued me.  I have a couple of brothers, and it would have been awesome to all make MLB.  Larsen in a Giants uni weirds me out.  And I think I have already shown a couple of Podres cards, so I will leave that there.

The 1964's!
This set is why I left this group until the last post.  I have always had a love for this set, and I don't know where it started.  But this, for me, is the set of the 60s.  There were about 140 64's in the collection, easily the most of any year.

A few cool commons...
Another of those Alou boys...  And what I thought as a kid was Rusty Staub's RC.  Even back then it could be hard to tell what the RC was.

Boog!!  I love me some Boog.  That sounded wrong.  But its true!  And a card of the long time 'fines and discipline' czar for MLB, who was once quite a fine ballplayer.

On to the cards in the old Beckett...
Nellie Fox has made a good number of appearances through this saga. 

Seeing double.  Hoyts! The one on the left isn't in too bad of condition.

Seeing double again.  Juans this time.  I remember Marichal for the awesome leg kick and of course, the Roseboro incident.  But I imagine that he might be proudest of the 16 inning game he pitched against Warren Spahn and the Braves where Willie Mays homered off of Spahn in the 16th to give Marichal the victory.

Seeing double part three.  Eddie Mathews has been all over these cards.

Double Dodger league leaders.  Oh, and a Red too if you don't like Koufax and Drysdale.

Hammerin Hank!!  I might have mentioned that Aaron is one of my top 2 or 3 favorites of all time.  This copy is hammered, appropriately.

And the finale, the 'best' card in the bunch.  Any Vintage Mantle is a card worth having, no matter the condition, and I was glad to see this one.  The Mick looks none too happy, maybe because he's been treated so poorly.

Thanks for taking this ride with me, it has been fun to catalog this collection a little on the blog.  Like some of you have mentioned in the comments, I hope my uncles can find a way to keep these in the family.  I don't think many of their kids, my cousins, have a lot of interest in cards, so eventually they might get sold off for whatever can be gotten.  Hopefully that day is a long way off!


  1. Aaron and Mantle is quite the one-two punch.

  2. How could anyone dislike Ron Santo? The rookie cup cards confused me as a kid.

  3. That’s a great Mantle! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Awesome collection. Any time you have a vintage Mantle your collection is going to be impressive to me.

  5. I go back and forth with which 60's set is my favorite, but it's always between '64 and '67. And a pin hole in the junk... that's just mean!

  6. Hard to find a better combo than Aaron & Mantle!