Monday, June 15, 2020

Mail recap and Diamond Nine #20

Here is an overdue mail report, thanks a TON to anyone who sends me cards for any reason!!  They are all appreciated!

Jeff at Wax Pack Wonders had a cool giveaway where you picked 3 players, one from each of three lists, a Hall of Famers list, a Former Stars list and a Recent Stars list.  I picked Ken Griffey, Barry Bonds and Jose Altuve.

Griffey is rapidly rising up my list of players to collect, at least his cool inserts/parallels and refractors.  I know, that's a tough sell since everyone at least likes Griffey and many actively hoard him.  The Black Gold Bonds is cool, he's so skinny!  And I really didn't have any Altuves, my collection is sadly lacking in players from the last 6 or 7 years.  Thanks Jeff!

Next up is Night Owl!  He jumped on the free stuff bandwagon and gave a ton of great stuff away!
This Kershaw was my winnings.  It is beautiful to me for many reasons.  The card itself is awesome due to the throwback unis and how huge it looks on Clayton!  Hilarious!  It's also a SP, and really adds to my very limited Kershaw collection.

Night Owl also threw in this Deion Sanders 2017 Donruss Legends Series insert!  Super shiny, the scan does not do it justice.  Much thanks Night Owl!

And of course, Johnny threw his weekly BFG and here is what I won!!

Wonderful cards, very cool.  And the Robin Roberts was a set need for my 2001 Archives Reserve set!!  I am also very passively collecting the early Fleer Star Stickers, so the Niekro was very welcome.  Big thanks Johnny!!

And here is what many of you are probably here for, the Diamond Nine.

The rules:

9ish cards are up for grabs.  Free!  Just claim what you want.  If you like it, claim it and I will send it out within a few days in a PWE.  (I'm cheap, PWE's all the way!)  Or if you like, I'd be glad to hold your stack until you have a few claimed.

Leave your claim in the comments, first come, first served.  You will have to shoot me your mailing address the first time you claim something.

This is basically a test to see if basketball has any draw beyond Michael, Kobe, LeBron and the top stars.  These guys ain't bad though!

The Howard is a refractor, a couple others are parallels or inserts.


  1. Hey. Steph Curry please.

    Voting for the Kershaw from your keepers.

  2. May I claim the Team USA and Dwight Howard cards please? That is a pretty sweet looking Kershaw card.

  3. If available Paul & Wade. Thanks for the Diamond 9!

  4. That Kershaw is a beauty -- I'm thrilled with the cards I claimed from NO's giveaway but that one was the real prize of the lot for me.

  5. That Team USA card is cool. Had to visit COMC to get a closer look at who was on that squad. Completely forgot that Steve Smith, Mark Price, and DC was on that squad.

  6. I have a few cards from that '17 Legends Series, and can confirm that they do in fact look way better in person!

  7. Nice Griffey’s! And yes I feel the Griffey thoughts, I was a huge collector of him until I found the internet and how many of us and how many bigger ones there are than myself. I plan to forever keep my Griffey’s but as for adding to them on a regular basis, I don’t much anymore