Sunday, June 14, 2020

Uncle Cards - 1959-60

Welcome to the fourth post about my uncles childhood cards that they kindly let me look through and post about.  Here are the other posts about the collection (finished and upcoming):

0. Intro and Football
1. Miscellaneous
2. 1958s
3. 1965-66s
4. 1959-60s (today!)
5. 1962-64s

59 commons...
Not a ton of 59s.  Food looking set overall.

Some 59 cards that meant a little something to me.  Piersall, Podres and Roseboro feature in some of the good old stories I grew up reading.  The Braves card makes it because it's a vintage Hank Aaron.  !!!!!!!  Love vintage Aaron's.  And Stengel teaching Larsen his wisdom is pretty cool too.  The back of the card implies that Stengel turned Larsen around and might be responsible for the World Series perfect game.

And here are the 59s that made a 10 year old Beckett...
Hall of Fame middle infields should get a little better looking card than this.  I guess there was no Photoshop back then though, so I guess I'll let it slide.

Another Eddie Matthews!  Even though this pose is kind of cliche, its a good looking card.

And another Baby Bull!  This one looks like a real baby bull played with it a little.

Rocky Colavito!  AKA Rocco, his real name.  Lot's of repeat players in here.  Where are all the Mantle's?????

Another repeat, Mr. Cub!  Excellent looking card here, even though it is simple.  Maybe that is why it is so cool.

Time to move on to the 1960 cards...
There were quite a few here, one of the biggest collecting years for my uncles.  This design was quite a step up from the simplicity of the 59 set.  2 pictures on the fronts, one action, one closeup.  I have always liked this set.  Of course, I have always liked the 59 set too, just for different reasons.

Cards I liked..

Burdette makes me think of Warren Spahn, his teammate.  Burdette seems like Don Drysdale to Spahn's Sandy Koufax to me.  He was a pretty good pitcher, but not quite in his teammate's league.

The Face/Wilhelm card is OK, but I like any card that references a specialty pitch.  Wilhelm was famous for the Knuckler, but I didn't know Face well enough to know he was a master of the Forkball.

Bob Elliott.  Dang, that dude looks excited for baseball.  If we ever get a season started, I might have that expression on my face!

Curt Flood, obviously most famous for holding out and helping to create the modern player/management situation we have now.

And like in the 59s, I had to show a Giants team card because its vintage Willie Mays!!!!!

Great child-altered card here!  Willey didn't play for the Mets until 1963, but this 1960 card bore the brunt of his move.  Very comprehensive, I love that the Braves logo is scribbled out.  The NY logo drawn on the hat looks more like a Yankees logo to me though.

There were more Art Mahaffey's in the collection than any other player.  Here is proof in the form of 4 Mahaffey RCs!!

1960s that made the old Beckett...
Richie Ashburn was a Phillie.  I can't really think of him in any other uniform.  And I'm pretty sure the uniform in the pictures are Phillies unis with a little airbrushing for the C on his hat.  Because according to, he didn't play for the Cubs until 1960, the year after this set commemorates.  But who knows.

Hey, who was complaining a while back about no Mantles???  Well, here one is.  A nicely framed look at a famous ballplayer and one who time has largely forgotten outside our little baseball historians sphere.  Boyer was a 7 time all star and won the 1964 MVP.  So he's worth remembering. 

Another Early Wynn...

Hey now, Stan the Man!!  I really like this card.  Stan is for sure one of my favorites.

And finish it off with a Say Hey Kid!!  I hope Mays and Hank Aaron live forever.  They were my 2 favorites as a kid, and it's going to be a sad, sad day when they are no longer with us.  At least I have a couple vintage cards of each to remember them with.


  1. Great stuff. The 1960 set doesn't get enough credit, but seeing them side-by-side, they can't match the greatness of '59.

  2. Damn. Some awesome stuff here. Like some seriously awesome stuff. Anyways... I'll comment on the Elliott since that's my personal fave. I didn't know about that card until a few years ago, but I went out and bought a graded copy of that card for my collection.

  3. Some all-time greats obviously. Voting for the Mays, but Banks and Musial are two of the best honorable mentions I've seen since I started doing this.

    Not a good post for Philies fans, with Flood and then Ashburn as a Cub.

  4. Lots of star power in today's post, definitely the best group so far!